Science – Can you separate salt from water?

Science – Separating Salt from Water on PhotoPeach

(This is a whole class piece of guided writing)

LC: Can I explain what happens to a salt water solution when left over time?

What we wanted to find out
Can you separate salt and water after the salt has dissolved?

What we did
We put hot water into glass jars and dissolved lots of salt into it. The salt dissolved quickly because the water was hot and we stirred the solution with a spoon. Some people dissolved around 10 teaspoons of salt into the water.

We then tied a piece of thread to a pencil and then attached the thread to a metal paperclip. Then we rested the pencil across the top of the jar and made sure that the paper clip didn’t touch the bottom of the jar but it was in the solution.

Finally, we covered the top of the jar up with a piece of paper and left it in a warm place for about four weeks. Then we checked the solution to see what had happened and whether the water had evaporated.

Results (see pictures)
When we collected our jars after waiting a long time, we found that a lot of the water had evaporated out of the jar but left the salt behind. We saw that salt crystals had formed on the thread, the paperclip and around the inside of the glass.

In conclusion, we can separate salt from water after it has been dissolved by evaporating the water.

Some of the water and crystals had turned a yellowish brown colour due to the metal paperclip rusting in the water.

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Science – Separating solids and liquids

The children were presented with cups of mixed solids and liquids and a selection of tools. Their challenge was to separate the materials. Have a look at how they did. Perhaps the children could add comments explaining how different equipment worked to separate the different things.

Science – separating solids and liquids on PhotoPeach

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Year 3/4 Christmas Production

Here are some pictures from the Year 3/4 production f Christmas around the World. Well done to all the children for great acting, singing and dancing! And thank you to families and friends of the children for coming to watch our performances.

Christmas Around the World on PhotoPeach

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Drama ‘Kofi’s Story’

As we have been learning about Kenya in Year 4, Mel Jordon from Chorlton High came into school and ran a drama workshop with the class based on the story of Kofi, a young boy who was sold to become a slave. The topic was very dramatic and hard-hitting but the children thoroughly enjoyed exploring the events and emotions involved in the African Slave Trade. Mel and I were extremely impressed with the children’s maturity, compassion and acting. Well done 4A!
Drama – ‘Kofi’s story’ on PhotoPeach

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Fire Safety Presentation

Around bonfire night we were visited by Moss Side Fire service who talked about fire safety, especially on bonfire night, and gave us an exciting tour of a fire engine.

Fire Safety Presentation on PhotoPeach

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Planting Daffodil Bulbs

Back in the autumn we planted daffodil bulbs. We are looking after them well and small shoots have broken through the soil as we are growing them inside during this cold weather.
Planting Daffodil Bulbs on PhotoPeach

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Spanish Drama

Our class took part in drama activities based on a funny Spanish story. The children used movement, mime and their voices brilliantly. It was fabulous to see their confidence grow within the hour!
Well done and thanks to Cheryl from a local drama group for coming into school and running the workshop.

4A Spanish Drama on PhotoPeach

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Eliya tells us about Rosh Hashana

Eliya told us about the Jewish New Year, which she celebrated on Thursday 9th November. She explained that on that day her family ate a traditional treat of apples dipped in honey, which represents a healthy and sweet new year. She was even kind enough to bring in some apples and honey for the class to try. Eliya did a fabulous job of teaching the children about Rosh Hashana and the apples and honey were yummy! Thank you!
Apple and honey on PhotoPeach

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Our Autumn term topic is Kenya.

We will be starting our topic work next week on Kenya. Why not get a head start and do some research about the topic. You could start by finding out where in the world Kenya is. There’s so much more to learn about. Such as the weather, family life, towns, schools, animals and much more! Happy researching!

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5 things you might not know about me.

1. I have one sister and five brothers!
2. I got married in the summer holidays.
3. I have a two-year-old daughter called Darcey.
4. I love Italian food.
5. I have a cat called Nala.

Now it’s your turn! Tell us five things we might not already know about you.

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