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Summer Term

With the support of Mr Jones’s expertise, we have taken digital photos of school grounds and used photo-editing on Apple Mac to create exciting settings for our stories set in imaginary worlds: Explore our Imaginary Settings Last we week made comic strips based on our own superheroe/superheroine creations. We also designed and made masks for […]


Tudor Attitudes towards British Wildlife

To investigate how the Tudors viewed the British wildlife, Brian, the artist in residence, took us on a Tudor journey. Firstly we identified what animals are considered ‘pests’ today. Then we drew pictures of those animals the Tudors called ‘vermin’ – we calculated 22. We learnt that an Act of Parliament, passed by Henry VIII, made it law that men, women and children had to kill as many creatures as  possible. We discussed that this has had […]


Holiday Homework

An extra day off to celebrate the Royal Wedding! Tell us how you are going to spend your day: a street party with your neighbours, or following the day’s events in front of the telly with the family? May be in some other way?  We would like to know how you are celebrating. Put your news on the class blog, […]


Funny bones!

We wanted to know what our own body skeleton might look like. We felt the bones in our body and tried to count the number of rib bones. We could feel that they are in pairs and continue around our back. We felt our back bone which is made up of vertebrae. So we know […]


More Bramall Hall . . .

At Bramall Hall we also had a go at fancy Tudor writing using a quill, learnt about the use of herbs and spices in food and medicine, had a go at Tudor dancing in the ballroom and had a Tudor banquet! Well done for brilliant behaviour and super costumes! You all looked fabulous! More Bramall […]

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Our Bramall Hall Tudor Trip

All of Year 4 visited Bramall Hall to gain a first hand experience of some aspects of Tudor life. We had great fun looking around the amazing hall, having a go at making some wattle and daub (a clever but pretty disgusting building technique) and being Tudor minstrels playing some Tudor instruments. Tudor Experience at […]

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More half term homework!!

With all the rush at home time after our trip to Bramall Hall, I’m sorry I forgot to make sure you took home your whole school homework letters. March 3rd is World Book Day and we would like all the children to design and make a hat connected to a favourite book or character. All […]

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Half term homework for 4A

As you haven’t had Literacy homework this week, you can make a start on your half term homework. Over half term I would like you to make Tudor house! If you can, use this week to research Tudor houses. Find out what they looked like, how they were built and how they were different if […]

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Professor Brainstorm

Professor Brainstorm on PhotoPeach Great fun and super learning with Professor Brainstorm! Which part did you like the best?

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Rugby and Maths with the Sale Sharks

Sale Sharks – Rugby on PhotoPeach Coaches from the Rugby team, Sale Sharks, are delivering a maths/rugby programme to Year 4A. We have been using maths to learn about the game and have a go at learning rugby skills outside too. The children are really enjoying the fun lessons. They often don’t realise that they […]

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