Tudor Attitudes towards British Wildlife

To investigate how the Tudors viewed the British wildlife, Brian, the artist in residence, took us on a Tudor journey. Firstly we identified what animals are considered ‘pests’ today. Then we drew pictures of those animals the Tudors called ‘vermin’ – we calculated 22.

We learnt that an Act of Parliament, passed by Henry VIII, made it law that men, women and children had to kill as many creatures as  possible. We discussed that this has had a huge impact on wildlife reducing animal numbers and possibly leading to the extinction of others. The numbers and type of wildlife we see in Britain today has a lot to do with the way Tudors treated their wildlife.   

Brian then took us into the woods on a Tudor hunt where we hunted foxes and wolves to feed our starving families or sell them to stay alive. We discovered that we could get a high price for a wolf’s tongue!

Exhausted from the excitement and strain of the hunt, we found a quiet place in a field to write about our Tudor hunting adventure. We shared them with the rest of the class and found them to be exciting, packed with suspense and action.

Our Tudor Wildlife Journey on PhotoPeach

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