Funny bones!

We wanted to know what our own body skeleton might look like. We felt the bones in our body and tried to count the number of rib bones. We could feel that they are in pairs and continue around our back. We felt our back bone which is made up of vertebrae. So we know we are vertebrates.

We had an idea already of what a human skeleton looks like and used dog biscuits to build our own human skeleton. Each group had similar, but also different, ideas about the shape of the human skeleton. We discovered that the biscuits represented some bones quite well but none of the biscuits were small enough to represent the small bones found in hands and feet. Also we did not have round-shaped dog biscuits which, we found, is the shape of our skull bone.

We explored why it is useful to have a skeleton and discovered that it supports our body and protects our organs. So we know our rib cage helps protect our heart and lungs from becoming damaged.

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