Summer Term

With the support of Mr Jones’s expertise, we have taken digital photos of school grounds and used photo-editing on Apple Mac to create exciting settings for our stories set in imaginary worlds:

Explore our Imaginary Settings

Last we week made comic strips based on our own superheroe/superheroine creations. We also designed and made masks for our superheroes and heroines:

Our Superhero/heroine Comic Strips

Homework Timetable

TUESDAY – Literacy and maths homework to be handed in to school
WEDNESDAY – Literacy and maths homework given out to take home
THURSDAY – Spelling and Times Tables tests. Please encourage children to practice. Spelling books should be brought in every Thursday.

Thank you for continuing to support your children with homework and encouraging them to hand it in on time.

Reading Books

Please ensure reading books are brought in every Wednesday when they will either be changed or renewed.

Our topics for the summer term are:

Literacy: writing stories from imaginary worlds and persuasive writing on animal welfare, punctuation, connectives, using a dictionary and thesaurus.

Our Topic this term is Weather Around the World where we will be investigating holiday destinations, patterns in climates and the effect of climates on habitats.

Science: Circuits and Conductors. We will be creating electrical circuits and making our own house alarms. We will be discussing how to be safe regarding Mains Electricity. Our next science topic will be Habitats and will be visiting Chester Zoo at the end of the summer term.

PHSE: Personal Hygiene and learning to cope with change

Music –Watch this space

Games – We are learning to play netball and at are practicing different passes such as chest pass, shoulder pass and hip pass.

Maths: mental maths skills, problem solving, handling data (e.g. analysing and interpreting data in tables, diagrams, tally charts, pictograms and bar charts), measures (length, weight and capacity), understanding shape ( 2D and 3D), short division and multiplication of 1/2/3 digit numbers (see Brookburn Calculation Policy on the Website).

You may find the following maths sites useful:

Underwater times table

Maths games:

BBC Site


Tudor Attitudes towards British Wildlife

To investigate how the Tudors viewed the British wildlife, Brian, the artist in residence, took us on a Tudor journey. Firstly we identified what animals are considered ‘pests’ today. Then we drew pictures of those animals the Tudors called ‘vermin’ – we calculated 22.

We learnt that an Act of Parliament, passed by Henry VIII, made it law that men, women and children had to kill as many creatures as  possible. We discussed that this has had a huge impact on wildlife reducing animal numbers and possibly leading to the extinction of others. The numbers and type of wildlife we see in Britain today has a lot to do with the way Tudors treated their wildlife.   

Brian then took us into the woods on a Tudor hunt where we hunted foxes and wolves to feed our starving families or sell them to stay alive. We discovered that we could get a high price for a wolf’s tongue!

Exhausted from the excitement and strain of the hunt, we found a quiet place in a field to write about our Tudor hunting adventure. We shared them with the rest of the class and found them to be exciting, packed with suspense and action.

Our Tudor Wildlife Journey on PhotoPeach


Holiday Homework

An extra day off to celebrate the Royal Wedding!

Tell us how you are going to spend your day: a street party with your neighbours, or following the day’s events in front of the telly with the family? May be in some other way? 

We would like to know how you are celebrating. Put your news on the class blog, or in writing, which you should bring into school the first week back.

Happy Easter Hols!


Funny bones!

We wanted to know what our own body skeleton might look like. We felt the bones in our body and tried to count the number of rib bones. We could feel that they are in pairs and continue around our back. We felt our back bone which is made up of vertebrae. So we know we are vertebrates.

We had an idea already of what a human skeleton looks like and used dog biscuits to build our own human skeleton. Each group had similar, but also different, ideas about the shape of the human skeleton. We discovered that the biscuits represented some bones quite well but none of the biscuits were small enough to represent the small bones found in hands and feet. Also we did not have round-shaped dog biscuits which, we found, is the shape of our skull bone.

We explored why it is useful to have a skeleton and discovered that it supports our body and protects our organs. So we know our rib cage helps protect our heart and lungs from becoming damaged.


More Bramall Hall . . .

At Bramall Hall we also had a go at fancy Tudor writing using a quill, learnt about the use of herbs and spices in food and medicine, had a go at Tudor dancing in the ballroom and had a Tudor banquet!

Well done for brilliant behaviour and super costumes! You all looked fabulous!

More Bramall Hall on PhotoPeach

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Our Bramall Hall Tudor Trip

All of Year 4 visited Bramall Hall to gain a first hand experience of some aspects of Tudor life.

We had great fun looking around the amazing hall, having a go at making some wattle and daub (a clever but pretty disgusting building technique) and being Tudor minstrels playing some Tudor instruments.

Tudor Experience at Bramall Hall on PhotoPeach

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More half term homework!!

With all the rush at home time after our trip to Bramall Hall, I’m sorry I forgot to make sure you took home your whole school homework letters.

March 3rd is World Book Day and we would like all the children to design and make a hat connected to a favourite book or character. All hats should be brought into school on Thursday 3rd March to mark World Book Day.
(Brookburn School Book Fair starts on Monday 28th February and ends on Friday 4th February)

I had given homework to make a Tudor house before I knew about this homework and realise it is a lot of work, so do your best and don’t panic if you don’t complete the Tudor house on time. Have fun being creative this half term!

Another quick goodbye to a wondeful class! Thank you for such an enjoyable term and a half and keep up the good work! Look forward to coming in to see you in a few weeks.

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Half term homework for 4A

As you haven’t had Literacy homework this week, you can make a start on your half term homework.

Over half term I would like you to make Tudor house! If you can, use this week to research Tudor houses. Find out what they looked like, how they were built and how they were different if the owner was rich or poor. Then you’ll be ready to design and make your house over the half term, which Mrs Gould will display in the corridor for all to see. I’ll pop in and have a look too!

Here are some of the houses that the children in my class last year made. I hope they give you some good ideas.

Tudor Houses on PhotoPeach

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Professor Brainstorm

Professor Brainstorm on PhotoPeach

Great fun and super learning with Professor Brainstorm! Which part did you like the best?

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Rugby and Maths with the Sale Sharks

Sale Sharks – Rugby on PhotoPeach

Coaches from the Rugby team, Sale Sharks, are delivering a maths/rugby programme to Year 4A. We have been using maths to learn about the game and have a go at learning rugby skills outside too. The children are really enjoying the fun lessons. They often don’t realise that they are doing maths!!

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